Double Seat Control Valve

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    ZXN series Pneumatic double seat Control Valve Characteristics:
    Two guide structure with Multiple springs actuator.The structure is compact、lighter weight、quick operation、large valve capacity、flow features accurate、flow characteristics accuracy、easy to dismounting.This series product have standard form、bellow、high temperature…ect type.Prodcut nominal pressure class have PN16、25、40、64;Valve diameter range from DN25~450.The temperature range-250~+560°C.
    1. Top and bottom two guide structure,good steady performance.
    2. Two valve plug and valve seat.
    3. Big allowable operation pressure.
    4. Big adjusting range.
    Specification and technical date
    Nominal Diameter(mm)253240506580100125150200250300350400
    Rated flow coefficient KvEqual percentage11182844691101762754406901000160025004000
    Rated Stroke L(mm)16254060100
    Diaphragm Effective Area(cm²)1600
    Spring Range Pr(Kpa)20~100、40~200、20~60、60~100、80~240
    Gas source pressure(Mpa)0.14~0.4
    Inherent flow CharacteristicsEqual percentage、Liner
    Inherent rangeability R50
    Leakage classII Class(5X10-3 X Valve rated capacity)Metal seal
    Nominal Pressure PN(MPa)Mpa1.6,2.5,4.0,6.4(6.3)/2.0,5.0,11.0
    Upper bonnet formRoom temperature-20~200、-40~250、-60~250
    The cooling type-40~450、-60~450
    High temperature450~650(high-temperature material)
    Regulating cut off type-40~150(Valve plug with PTFE) -60~200(Valve plug with reinforce PTFE)
    Air to close control valve allowable pressure differential list
    Diaphragm Effective Area Ae(CM²)2804006001000
    Signal Range Pr(Kpa)20-10040-20020-10040-20020-10040-20020-10040-200
    Gas pressure Ps(Mpa)
    Nominal diameter(mm) and Valve seat diameter(mm)25255.576.4      
    3232  6.166.40    
    4025  5.576.40    
    32  6.166.40    
    40  4.906.40    
    5032  6.166.40    
    40  4.906.40    
    50  3.906.40    
    6565    4.486.40  
    8050    3.906.40  
    65    4.486.40  
    80    3.626.40  
    10065    4.486.40  
    80    3.626.40  
    100    2.896.40  
    125125      3.856.40
    150100      2.896.40
    125      3.856.40
    150      3.206.40
    200125      3.856.40
    150      3.206.40
    200      1.606.40
    Hoyee has invested in quality assurance, state-of-the-art machining and testing facilities in order to assist customers in safely controlling their processes.
    Our patented technology allows us to offer a product that has better and more consistent quality than our competitors.
    Our competitive advantage:
    Consistent product quality and reduction of defective rate
    Improved manufacturing process and better productivity
    Significant cost reduction versus competitors
    Hoyee engineers are happy to help you with your automation demands.

    Packing Details: Wooden box and plywood case, standard export packing.
    In addition that we can design and pack as your request.
    Delivery Details : Shipped in 5-15 days after payment.

    Q:Are you a manufacturer or trading company?
    A:We are a manufacturer that specialized in industrial control valve
    Q:How can I get some samples?
    A:Usually we don’t offer free sample,the sample and express fee are required,the sample cost can be deducted from your first large order.
    Q:What’s your delivery time?
    A:1.The samples will be sent to you within 3~5days
    2.The batch order will be shipped to you within 5~15 days after order confirmation
    Q:What’s your warranty & after sale service policy?
    A: 12 Months for all products,and some products warranty is 24 months.Usually,some necessary spare parts are offered free to you.
    Q:What is your minimum quantity I can get our OEM service with my brand?
    A: It depends on the models,please consult our salesman
    No7 YangJiaDai Road LingQiao industrial Zone,FuYang district,HangZhou City,P.R China
    Mail address:[email protected]
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